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Our Prperation

While preparing a resume,
we ensure to:

  • Choose a design / format that will grab attention
  • Create a content to sell you more than ever
  • Quantify your achievements
  • Show benefits of hiring you, not your features or skill list
  • Incorporate / prioritise the content of your resume
  • Use power words to explain more

The Positive Attitude

We prepare you for the
interview. In successful job searching it is important that you maintain a positive attitude at all time. Learning how to market yourself and having a strategy are the preconditions. We will provide you a list of common interview questions that will make you comfortable in front of potential employer.

Preparing for Interview

Most people fill up their resume with information which are not relevant to their ability to do the job. They are smart enough (!) not to prepare for an interview. Why prepare for an interview? One of the most common interview questions is...

tell us something about yourself.

If you don’t prepare, this can be the most difficult interview question for you.

95% of applicants
apply for 20% of jobs
which are advertised either through newspaper, agencies or the internet. And only 5% of applicants have access to the other 80% of jobs, which are never advertised. During our face to face interview session, we will show you how to hit that 80% of jobs which remains hidden from 95% of applicants. It’s very simple.

Creating an

  • Your handshake
  • Punctuality
  • Don’t stretch the truth about yourself
  • Don’t patronise the interviewer
  • Give lively answers
  • Choose your referees well

Time for Change

  • Are you calling in sick often?
  • Are you putting in the minimal amount of work to meet deadlines?
  • Are you constantly showing up late or leaving early?
  • Do you find yourself responding negatively every time someone asks you how your day was?
  • Are you no longer taking lunch or breaks with your co- workers?

Do you find yourself becoming
frustrated with almost everything
your co-workers or clients do?

If you ticked any or all of the above, there are plenty of jobs out there waiting for you to grab. You never know when the opportunity arises and you better prepare for it now.

Interview Tips ...

  • Use your Resume as a
    marketing brochure
  • Practice your ‘one minute response’
    for maximum impact
  • Make sure you are talking 60% of
    the time
  • Make sure all your responses are
  • Drop a thank you letter after

Most Common
Interview Questions:

  • Tell us something about yourself ?
  • What are your greatest weaknesses ?
  • Why should I hire you ?
  • Why did you leave your other job ?
  • What interests you most about the job ?
  • How well do you handle the frustrating part of a job ?

Bruce, Scarborough. WA.
“Nice work, quick service, saves me time, worth it. Thanks.”.

Richard, Leda. WA.
“I wasn’t getting response from any employer because I was just applying for jobs with my old resume and never thought about getting a professional resume service. After getting my resume prepared by you I got two interviews from three applications. It’s working, money well spent. Thanks.”

Resume prepared by us will reflect YOU more than ever. How much does it cost if you haven’t had a job for months? Think about the frustration and disappointment part too. How much does it cost to get your resume prepared professionally? Its worth can count on us!

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