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It is no secret that most people fill up their resume with information which are not relevant to their ability to do the job. At Resume choice, we create a portrait of your strengths, skills and experience that will give you an edge over other candidates.

If you are looking for a change, not happy with your current job, a fresh graduate or may have no job at the moment; do not let you drown under frustration and disappointment. There are plenty of jobs out there waiting for you to

grab. You never know when the opportunity arises and you better prepare for it now.

Remember, the best jobs often go to the better prepared person rather than the most qualified person.

Resume Check List
Is your resume visually attractive ?
Are you using right font size?
Is your resume too long or too
short ?
Is your resume selling
yourself ?
Are you using right format ?
Is all information relevant ?
Potential employer makes a decision in 10 seconds.

Resume prepared by us will reflect YOU more than ever. How much does it cost if you haven't had a job for months? Think about the frustration and disappointment part too. How much does it cost to get your resume prepared professionally? Its worth can count on us!

What We Do
Face to face home consultation
Power point presentation
Information on hidden job market
Professionally prepared resume
Sample cover letter
Interview preparation

Andrew, Swan View. WA.
"I sent my resume to two companies who didn't advertise for any position; I got a call already ... I'm so excited. Cheers for your help";.

Richard, Leda. WA.
"I wasn't getting response from any employer because I was just applying for jobs with my old resume and never thought about getting a professional resume service. After getting my resume prepared by you I got two interviews from three applications. It's working, money well spent. Thanks."

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