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A bizarre and common job application blunder is filling it with information which is not relevant to the job. At Resume Choice, we create a portrait of your strengths, skills and experience that will give you an edge over other candidates. If you are looking for a promotion, change or not happy with your current boss; you must present yourself confidently to the potential employers and be ready for any opportunity that comes your way. There are plenty of jobs out there waiting for you.

About Us

Since 2010 Resume Choice is helping job seekers in the community by preparing winning resumes, drafting claims against selection criteria and improving interview performances. Our service excellence comes from over 18 years of work experience in private and public sector in various capacities and sitting both sides of the interview table. We can assist you by preparing an outstanding application for jobs in federal and state governments as well as in banking, customer service, sales & marketing, accounting & finance etc. At Resume Choice we work closely with each applicant and guarantee to maintain full confidentiality unless otherwise required by the law. By putting our best efforts, we reflect you more than ever – you can count on us.

The reality is … jobs often go to the better prepared candidates rather than the most qualified candidates.

Our Services

What we need from you

Respond to our enquiries promptly and honestly
Tell us everything frankly, let us decide which information is important for you application
Don’t leave it till the last minute, it takes time to prepare a quality application

Our Preparation

While preparing your resume and selection criteria, we

Thrive to grab attention

Quantify your achievements

Prioritise the content of your application

Use power words to explain more.

What we do

Get your resume prepared by the experts.

Resume prepared by us will reflect you more than ever. How much would it cost if you haven't had a job for months? How much does it cost to get your application prepared by us?
... you can count on us.

Remember, the potential employer makes a decision in 10 seconds.

The Positive Attitude

We can prepare you for the interview. In successful job searching it is important that you maintain a positive attitude at all times. We will provide you with a list of common interview questions that will make you comfortable in front of potential employer.

Creating an Impression

  • Your handshake
  • Punctuality
  • Don’t stretch the truth about yourself
  • Don’t patronise the interviewer
  • Give lively answers
  • Choose your referees well

Time for a change

  • Are you calling in sick often?
  • Are you putting in the minimal amount of work to meet deadlines?
  • Are you constantly showing up late or leaving early?
  • Do you find yourself responding negatively every time someone asks you how your day was?
  • Are you no longer taking lunch or breaks with your co- workers?
  • Do you find yourself becoming frustrated with almost everything your co-workers or clients do?


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Prepare for an interview

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